Item description EST-LED-480-I EST-LED-480-II
Input voltage/frequency   [VAC][HZ] 100-277   347-480V   50 60Hz
Input current   [A] 1.73@277V
Input watt   [W] 480±10% 630±10%
Power factor 0.95@220V 0.95@220V
Voltage   [V] 36 36
Current(reference)   [A] 12.3 16.2
Wattage(reference)   [W] 440±10% 580±10%
Flux of emitted photons(umol/s) 912 1180
Luminous flux   (Lm) 57600 75600
Colour R26.6%   G71.5%   B2.5%    R/B:90%/10%
Colour rendering index   [Ra] 90
Beam angle   [H,V] 50
Average life   [h] 50000
Ambient temperture -40-40℃
Chip CREE3030
Storage environment -40℃-85℃   RH10%-95%

PAR data for led light and DE light


Growth rates:shorten 3-4days Leaves:more flourishing and more symmetry

Light:better canopy penetration
Yield:uniformity from the bottom of the plant to the top
Growth rates:shorten 4-7days
Flower:more bigger and strength
Crystal:more much

Install way