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All EST tech grow lights are built with the latest LED technology codeveloped with the world’s top semi conductor manufacturer; CREE Osram. We worked hand in hand to develop a chipset aimed to provide our customer with the best full spectrum lighting on the market. A single unit provides the balanced spectrum and blues of CMH, while providing the critically important red spectrums for flowering. Each chip is built with 80/120 (FWHM) pre-focused optics for precise spectral composition, electrical efficiency, and longevity when compared to other light source.


Thermal Efficiency

All EST tech lights are cooled with passive thermal technology. Overbuilt heat sinks allow our lights to be cool without fans, minimizing noise and maintenance. Our lights have 25% more efficacy than 1000W DE HPS and dissipate heat 40% more efficiently resulting in cooler rooms with higher intensity lighting.


We have taken the time to ensure that our customers get the best quality lights. The ESTtech lighting factory is ISO 9001 certified. Our lights have been ETL and DLC listed while gaining CE, UL, FCC, CCC, RoHS, and CB certifications. The quality of our lights comply with the directive of International Electric Committee (IEC) and American National Standard Institute (ANSI)


Patented Lensing Technology

Light distribution and optical output efficiency have traditionally been the weak points of LEDs. EST tech grow lights are built with secondary optical elements (lensing) emitting penetrating light that maintains intensity below the canopy resulting in increased yields and little wasted light energy. Ask us how we can help you achieve your goals of efficiency, quality, and yield.

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